Welcome to Marina Mouaren

Marina is the founder of Van Mayer Bali leather handbags and shoes, Bee MyLoved honey and Socialista – your one-stop social media and digital marketing solution. We invite you to explore the site and learn more about Marina and her unique product offerings. Scroll down to get started.


Van Mayer, Bee MyLoved and Socialista were launched with one thing in mind and that was to connect and create. In the process of doing so, we developed as a Company with a Conscience, where sustainability, growth and innovation are our three most significant pillars. Simultaneously, as we grow our business we extend our reach to companies, independent businesses and individuals in assisting them through mutually beneficial partnerships and programmes. As previously mentioned, here at Marina Mouaren, it’s not just about the business!


The company aspires to grow bigger than it has ever been and in all ways possible. What started as a part-time interest back in 2004 has now grown into a full-fledged company with over 20 clients and more every day here in Bali and worldwide. The dream is to reach all four corners of the globe and to make Van Mayer, Bee MyLoved and Socialista household brands. We believe that we can achieve this with the strong support of our customers and friends.
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