September 1, 2020

A Little Break To Bedugul

One thing that I really love to do is to take little breaks.

Those who know me well know that my days are usually filled with work meetings, reports, strategy planning and presentations. I manage and monitor my team of staff so that all of my clients’ needs are met, I work hard to meet deadlines and in between, I spend a little time at the gym, practicing yoga or in meditation.

So it is no wonder that I sometimes crave a little getaway. Studies have shown that taking breaks can improve physical health and mental wellbeing, and with this in mind, I would drive off into nature or a quiet place on the island to have a few days to myself and return refresh and rejuvenated.

Recently I took a short trip to Bedugul and did something quite extraordinary – I spent one night on top of the Lake Beratan, in a cabin built right on top of the lake! It was an incredible experience and I even went canoeing on the lake, which was quite harrowing, to tell the truth.

The air up there is cool and refreshing and I loved that I was surrounded by nature. Sunrise on the lake was nothing short of magical, and I am glad that I had the chance to witness it. Bedugul is famous for its fresh fruits due to its cool climate so I went fruit picking and brought home strawberries, tangerine and blueberries which were cheap and fresh. I also visited a Hot Chocolate House and enjoyed a lovely cup of steaming hot chocolate, which warmed me up from the inside out.

Lots of people are worried about travelling during the pandemic, but as long as you keep a healthy body and mindset, nurture your immune system with healthy foods and social distance, I think it’s totally fine to support the local economy and explore the wonders of the world! 🙂

We never know what tomorrow will bring and so, why not enjoy what life has to offer us today?

Have you been travelling locally at all, and if so, where have you been?


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