May 23, 2020

A Woman’s Love For Her Handbag

Would you ever leave your home without your handbag, belt bag or at least a little pouch in tow? We didn’t think so. As busy women on the go, there are essentials that we just cannot leave behind, and understandably so!

A women’s handbag is her most intimate possession. While it is a coveted fashion accessory and for some, a way to display wealth and status, it also doubles as an absolute necessity – it contains everything that we needs to make us feel complete as we go out and about our day.


While men puzzle over our need for multiple handbags, the logic is simple – where else would we safely place our phone, makeup, wipes, perfumes, sanitizers, tissues, snacks, hairbrush, and even our most intimate items like tampons and sanitary napkins? You can’t put any of these things in a tiny dress or jeans pocket!

Handbags play an even more important role for women with little children who sometimes use their bags as an extension for their children’s baby bags or nappy bags!

So yes, while the price, style and make of the handbag can usually be debatable, the need for one is not.


Women need their handbags like men need their wallets. Which is why a majority of women find it smart and beneficial to invest in a premium quality handbag, belt bag, pouch or carry-on. It’s simple; if you’re going to place all of your most intimate and essential items into one accessory that could carry it all, then it might as well be a sturdy, strong, high-quality product that would last for years!

And of course, since you’ll be using the accessory for years to come, you must choose a design, cut and pattern that is not only flattering, matching and pleasing to the eye, but which also makes you feel confident and beautiful inside and outside! And, as the handbag is going to be with you a lot of the time, it should be something that reflects your personality so the world can know who you are in a subtle and classy way.

Whatever you choose, the key is to remember that what you wear is an extension of you, and that whatever you pick for the day will do exactly what it needs to do – make you feel good, confident and beautiful, just the way you are.

As a business that is founded and run by a woman with a team of women all working efficiently together, we at Van Mayer Official understand women inside and out and their need for a collection of beautiful, flattering and useful handbags to be worn with every type of outfit.

Van Mayer offers stylish made-to-measure bags, wallets, belts, boots and shoes for the discerning woman. Every pair of bespoke item is handmade with excellent Bali craftsmanship using the softest quality Bali leather for optimum style and comfort.

You can also design your very own leather accessory with Van Mayer. Simply email across the designs along with your preferred measurements and materials of choice. The wonderful thing about personalizing your own designs is that you can decide every little detail – this means you get to choose the materials used whether suede, leather, pleather, rubber, wood and more, the accessories that go with it and more.

Contact us now to get started!

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