July 19, 2020

Dancing Shoes for the Dancing Queen

Let’s dance!

Are you into dancing and can you dance in high heels?

Plenty of us have danced in high heels during our clubbing days, haven’t we? 😉 But how about professional dancing or dancing with a class? Most people would don “sneakers” for some type of dances like hip-hop or similar, but there are many different types of dances that would require great quality high-heeled shoes.

One example is salsa dancing and another is ballroom dancing. The same goes for tango, rumba and cha-cha and if you’re already a seasoned dancer of any of the above then you would know how important it is to wear a pair of really good quality high-heeled shoes for maximum performance and to avoid injury.

Putting on the right type of shoes is the key to achieving balance when swaying to the rhythm of the music with a partner. When it comes to salsa dancing and/or similar, you’ll need extensive leg work, arm work, swift body movement, and spins, as well as acrobatic lifts.

Did you know that none of these can be done safely without the proper pair of shoes?

Experts are recommending premium quality, handmade and custom-made shoes that would perfectly fit every groove and curve of your feet that are made with the softest premium leather, suede and/or satin. These materials are incredibly important so that you are guaranteed a good measure of safety for your knees and ankles while performing your routines.

At Van Mayer, we create high-quality footwear using premium materials that are made-to-measure so that they will fit your feet perfectly while minimizing pain and discomfort. This is very important especially for dancing in high-heels to ensure the wellbeing of your back and your feet. Premium quality products like genuine leather, suede and real rubber all play important roles in making you feel good while looking amazing.

There might be cheaper alternatives out there but you’ll be sure to feel pain while putting your body at risk for long-term damage especially in your older years. We’ve seen this happen, so don’t take your choice of shoes lightly!

Not only is every Van Mayer pair lightweight and flexible, they are also breathable, provide great balance, are long-lasting and are excellent for indoor dance practice or competitions. Your feet, arch, back and toes will enjoy the support they need while you’re dancing!

And while you’re designing a pair of your very own dancing shoes, why not be as creative as you like? Sparkly, shiny or just plain and classy, we’ll design and produce the shoes of your dreams so you will shine on the dance floor.

Send your ideas to us here at Van Mayer and we’ll make it happen!

Start here: Browse existing designs here or at the Van Mayer Facebook page. Then, simply contact a Van Mayer customer service representative who will be more than happy to meet with you if you’re in Bali to discuss designs and take your feet’s exact measurements as well as draw the outlines of your feet. If you’re outside Bali and anywhere else in the world, you can always send us the outlines of your feet via email along with your measurements. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry – we will guide you every step of the way.


If you would like your own personalized design, Van Mayer can do this for you too. Simply email across the designs along with your preferred measurements and materials of choice. The wonderful thing about personalizing your own pair of shoes is that you can decide every little detail – this means, you get to choose the materials used whether suede, leather, pleather, rubber, wood and more, the accessories that go with it, the soles and even the height of the heels. Van Mayer shoes use only the very best premium materials so you will never have to worry about quality, pain in your feet or back pain, or your shoes breaking underneath you.

A pair of Van Mayer shoes takes about 2 to 3 weeks to make but you will have the most wonderful, beautiful, comfortable and unique pair of shoes that will be one hundred percent you! If you have any questions, please send an email to marina@vanmayer.com.

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