October 15, 2020

Flying With Aerial Yoga

Hi everyone! Here’s me on a typical morning – just casually hanging upside down from my ceiling! 🙂

Jokes aside, in this picture, I was practicing my poses for Aerial Yoga, also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga, and let me tell you, it is so much fun and so addictive! I feel a little out of sorts if I don’t do a few poses every day with my hammock, and Aerial Yoga has now become an important part of my daily routine since I first started 5 years ago. My Aerial Yoga journey began at Desa Seni before I moved on to Pranava Yoga. Now, I practice Aerial Yoga at home.

So, a little background – Aerial Yoga is just traditional yoga poses performed on a hammock that is hanging from the ceiling. It is a combination of the art of aerial silks and the classic practice of yoga. You can perform all of the poses that you normally do on a yoga mat while being suspended above the ground. The hammock actually makes balancing so much easier and also allows for a deeper stretch.  It’s a great option for beginner yogis who are having trouble balancing in their usual practice, as the hammock provides extra support if you’re having a hard time reaching out while keeping your balance.

While Aerial Yoga poses may look a little intimidating, I was actually really surprised to find that traditional yoga poses are actually easier to do while being suspended in mid-air. I also love the feeling of hanging upside down as blood rushes to the brain and experiencing that deep stretch and decompression to the spine.

To be honest, Aerial Yoga is not just about impressive upside-down poses. It comes with a lot of benefits to the body, mind and soul. Then, there is that added thrill to an otherwise typical day – just 30 minutes a day and I feel incredible and zen!

Physically, Aerial Yoga burns fat and builds muscle strength, improves blood circulation, sharpens focus, calms anxiety and improves moods and emotions. And because the poses are done while being suspended in mid-air, there is absolutely zero impact to the bones and joints, which means that anyone, even those suffering from back pains and joint pains, can enjoy it! Emotionally, I feel that Aerial Yoga has helped to boost my confidence and bravery to a whole new level.

So tell me, will you, or have you ever tried Aerial Yoga before, and do you enjoy it?



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