October 31, 2020

Love At First Snuggle

I lost my beloved four-legged friend earlier this week.

His name was Mr. Barsik, and I don’t think that I could ever get over the pain of losing him. He left the way he came – unexpectedly. He became ill overnight and we rushed him to the vet where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and stayed in their care for a few days while receiving treatment.

Mr. Barsik was always quite sickly. He had a perpetually blocked and runny nose. We would take him to the vet time to time but he always seemed fine. One day he took a turn for the worse and the doctors found liquid in his lungs and tummy. They did everything they could but just when we thought he would get better, I lost my beloved feline friend.

I can still see the image of Mr. Barsik as he lay on his side and I stroked him for the final time. I had never shed tears for any other pet, and now I know that incredible feeling of being left behind by your dearest furry companion. It was like I lost a small part of my heart.

Mr. Barsik was so much more than a pet to me. He taught me that animals and humans can have a special bond, that love transcends all barriers and limitations. Some animals are just karmically connected to you and they find their way into your lives. He showed up unexpectedly one day at my door and he never left. He took my heart and I let him.

He gave me a gift by showing me that love can exist without words. In a crazy and busy world, I would always be glad to come home to find him patiently waiting for a snuggle and a kiss. I found it sweet that he ran from others but would always come to me. He showed me that he trusted me and showed his vulnerability to me, which made me love him even more.

I have never loved any other creature more than I loved Mr. Barsik. Even now in death, Mr. Barsik taught me the beauty of life and love. And his memory, his face, and his meow will always stay in my heart and in my mind.

We held a small funeral ceremony in my backyard to celebrate the life of Mr. Barsik. I cannot cry enough tears for this special little creature that made me his whole world.

Till we meet again, my little furry friend.

Mr Barsik. In loving memory.

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