February 22, 2020

Maeya Movement: Sustainable Fitness Wear For The Modern Woman

Today I want to share a little bit about my latest business venture which also has a lot to do with my personal passion and my love for fitness and wellness; introducing Maeya Movement, a sustainable fitness wear range that my business partner Andrea and I have recently launched into the Indonesian market. The name Maeya is a combination of both our names – Marina and Andrea. It also means Powerful, Symbolism, Destiny and Luck.

Many of you already know that I am a huge fan of organic, healthy and sustainable products which promote health and wellness. This all can be seen through all of my other business ventures such as Bee MyLoved Honey and Pararoot Oil Indonesia – both brands promote healthy living through the use of organic matter without additional chemicals, colouring or additives that could harm you or the environment.

Maeya Movement was created to celebrate today’s modern woman in any shape, size, form, background and colour – the idea behind the brand is that the REAL woman loves her edges, her curves and her imperfections which make her absolutely perfect. And did I mention that Maeya means Goddess? I am a strong supporter of the healthy woman who is strong, confident and comfortable in her own skin who, by just being herself, could help to inspire others.

I’m also a huge fan of exercises and working out and a big believer that everyone should do it while they feel comfortable and at ease. It is part of Maeya Movement’s mission to drive a healthy body image and self-love. No one who is truly healthy, happy and REAL are sizes zero with almost zero body fats and no curves. This is true also for those who fall on the other end of the spectrum. A healthy body leads to a healthy heart and a healthy mind and this is what we’re driving on.

Please visit Maeya Movement’s Instagram account @maeyamovement and check out our newly launched collection which comes in a variety of designs, cutting, colours and sizes and are completely sustainable as every piece is made from materials that were derived from bamboo.

So go ahead, look good, feel good and continue to inspire in our earth-friendly, organic and sustainable collection made for today’s modern healthy woman.

If you have any questions about Maeya Movement, please feel free to contact the team at @maeyamovement on Instagram!




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