August 7, 2019

My Quick City Escape – Visiting Bandung, West Java

Hi guys!

I seem to have caught the travel bug. After my last trip to Sumbawa, I wanted to travel again and this time, I headed to where I grew up – Bandung city in West Java. It was a quick trip, just two nights but it did the trick. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and a little in over my head with work and other personal matters so I thought a trip to the neighbouring island might just cure me, and it did!

Not sure if you know this but I practically grew up in Bandung. I didn’t spend my childhood years there but I did spend my young adult years there. My mom and I moved there when I was 18 and we stayed there for 10 years. Visiting Bandung brought back plenty of sweet and not-so-sweet memories but I was definitely happy to be there!

My friend Casper, who is living in Jakarta, met me there to escape the stress of city living in Jakarta. This time around, I chose to stay at Papandayan Hotel. Have you ever been? If you’re curious you can Google for photos of the hotel and you’ll know why I chose to stay there. It was exceptional and I felt truly pampered and rested.

Anyway, I didn’t go to Bandung just for all fun. I did have some meetings for Pararoot Oil and Socialista and they went well. But mostly, Caspar and I explored the city and visited many of my favourite spaces from my young adult years. Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, in particular, is very special to me. It’s a contemporary art gallery featuring the works of a great artist, Sunaryo and it is also where I had one of my first dates with a first boyfriend when I was younger 🙂

Other than that, we also visited Dago Pakar on Jalan Riau, Bukit Senyum Cikalong Wetan, Taman Asia Afrika Bandung. Of course, even though we are on holiday I would never miss my workout sessions! Did I mention that I love the food in Bandung? My favourite restaurant is Sambara Restaurant that serves Sundanese food. Everything was spicy, fresh and delicious and I could find plenty of fresh salads!

Here are some photos of me in Bandung. Hope you like them!

Have you ever been to Bandung? Which are your favourite spots?


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