May 31, 2019

My Trip To The City Of Lights, KL

Just recently, I took a casual trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s vibrant city for a quick break. KL is one of my most favourite cities in South East Asia, and I often visit there to catch up with one of my oldest friends while looking for opportunities to expand my businesses and hold meetings with partners. In other words, a mix of business and pleasure – which I always love to do!

To be honest, I was really looking forward to a little break. Being here in Bali is amazing but sometimes I crave the energy of a big city, the endless hustle and bustle and the towering skyscrapers that go as high as the eye can see. I love how everything is so fast paced, so modern and so sleek, and the large malls, busy streets, throngs of people all add to the excitement which feeds the fire in my blood. Not to mention the amazing shopping!

It was an interesting time to visit as it was Ramadhan, and I enjoyed observing the Muslims going about their day without food and water and then at sundown, they all come together regardless of religion and race to break fast as a community. Throughout the day, it is quiet and tranquil, people conserving their energy indoors but as sundown approaches, get ready – there is a great bustle in all the restaurants and hotels’ coffee houses! I mean huge crowds everywhere, and sometimes, you can’t even get in if you don’t have a reservation!

The Ramadhan breaking of fast here in KL is nothing short of spectacular – there is so much food everywhere, more than I could ever imagine. Food from all over the country, from Asia, fusion dishes and food from all over the world. I was told that the Bazaar Ramadhan is also an interesting place to visit and I plan to do this the next time I am in KL during fasting month.

When I visit KL, I book myself into my favourite hotel/apartment suite – Frasers Place, which is right smack in the centre of Kuala Lumpur just minutes away from the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, the KL Tower, all major office buildings, malls, hotels and restaurants. It’s spacious and it feels like home, plus, there is an amazing gym there so I can work out every morning without fail! The city is an eclectic mix of old and new and I enjoy talking long walks and finding little treasures like this:

Being so close to Bukit Bintang is a huge plus point for me as this is one of my top rated places of must-visits in KL. Glamorous designer brands line the spacious streets and sidewalks, there are malls everywhere including Pavillion KL (which is huge and is one of my favourites too), a giant Sephora, Lot 10 and not to mention a whole lot of bars and restaurants. My favourite place to eat here is Marta’s Kitchen, which serves the most tantalizing Spanish food.

Most people come to KL to eat (they say Malaysia is the true culinary heaven) but because I am a vegetarian and a health nut, food here isn’t really my focus. I am truly thrilled though, by the melting pot of races that throng Kuala Lumpur – there are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Middle Easterns, Europeans and so much more, all living and working together. There’s also so much history and culture amidst all that modernization!

Have you ever been to KL? What are your favourite spots there?


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