Maeya Movement

Comfortable, durable, sustainable and stylish, Maeya Movement is a body positive active wear brand for women on-the-go.

Made in Bali, the brand celebrates today’s modern women and her beautiful shape, size, form, background and colour – the idea behind the brand is that REAL woman loves her edges, her curves and her imperfections which make her absolutely perfect. She is strong, confident and comfortable in her own skin and by just being herself, could help to inspire others into being the same.

The brainchild of two incredible, powerful and entrepreneurial minds, Maeya means “Goddess”; it is a powerful symbolism, depicting Destiny and Luck. The name itself is the merging of the founders’ own – Marina and Andrea. Their mission with Maeya Movement is to drive a healthy body image and self-love with women everywhere while protecting both people and the planet.

A healthy body leads to a healthy heart and a healthy mind and this is what the brand is driving on.

Please visit Maeya Movement’s Instagram account @maeyamovement and check out the brand’s latest collection which comes in a variety of designs, cutting, colours and sizes and are completely sustainable as every piece is made from materials that were derived from bamboo.

So go ahead, look good, feel good and continue to inspire in Maeya Movement’s earth-friendly, organic and sustainable collection made for today’s modern, healthy woman.

If you have any questions about Maeya Movement, please feel free to contact the team at @maeyamovement on Instagram!

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