In a world where one would have to fight to be seen, recognized and remembered, Social Media is king. It is the fastest and most convenient way to elevate your brand and create awareness of your product, service or business here in Bali without costly advertising.

Facebook is the networking platform of choice, with over 1.37 billion people on average logging on daily. Facebook has recorded an active 16% increase of new users every year. Today, there is an average of 800 million people and businesses active on Instagram; the world’s most popular photo sharing application records over 300 million daily active users worldwide while Twitter recorded 330 million monthly active users. (September 2017)

To ignore Social Media is suicide to your Bali business. It has become the very core of marketing which connects businesses and people in Bali together and in a matter of seconds. But running your very own Social Media channels can be taxing and stressful – how do you increase followers, when are the best times to post, who do you engage with, why would they react?

Socialista Bali can do all of this and more for you with beautifully curated content, photography and timely updates. With a decade experience and hundreds of happy Bali customers, Socialista promises at least 50% growth in your Bali sales via its successful Social Media Marketing Strategy and Execution.

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