“Wonder Women”

She is really a wonder women with a good heart. I am fortunate to work with her for our Architecture studio marketing. Thanks for your service and i hope we should continue working forever.
Considering you a wonder women is coz you have been in multiple businesses and work schedule and still you manage to give time for all your clients, and that’s really something i admire from you.

Keep going and god bless you loads and do the same and be the same as you are ever.

Mohamed Thaqif


Since first time we meet, I can feel Marina is very beautiful being. Inside and outside. Our connection really great thru the yoga and retreats center works. Her kindness is drag us into having such a nice way to do our jobs and cooperate together

We are looking forward for the next chapter with Marina again hopely soon

Madhuri Pradnya
Shanti Toya

Shanti Toya Ashram

Strong Independent Woman

I ordered 2 different designs from Van Mayer Shoes and Bags, I really like it.
Its custom order and handcrafted, i can choose what color i like and how many cm for the heel.
its really comfortable, elegant, and i looks fabulous.

Putry Dayang

What a pleasant welcoming personality

What a pleasant welcoming personality. Marina made our friendship so lovely. Her extreme knowledge of Sales & Marketing and her beautiful presentation of the facts made it so interesting and personally Marina is great listener our secret companion made it a memorable and worthwhile working together.

Dina Novita


you are beautiful inside and outside. strong and feminine ,
You can do anything you want, and you are doing it. there are no limits for you.
You inspired me early on and still inspires me to be the best person I can be..
You are a force to follow and to learn from
You will always be my friend, my light in dark times.

I am happy to know you

Much love to you and mum ))

Eric Van Loon


Ms Marina she help me a lot to grow my wellness business Pranasanti .She is smart and beautiful, connected So well with our products and our team .

So blessed using her services for this moment.

Thank you
Luh manis

Luh manis

Discipline, Fashionable and Sincere

Saya suka panggil Marina “Nona Marina” perempuan Disiplin, Fashionable dan Tulus. Saya ingat beberapa kali event brg diluar Kota Nona Marina g pernah namanya absen dari bangun pagi, jalan pagi, hunting nice spot buat๐Ÿ“ธ lovely time and memories.
Jangan tanya utk penampilan dr ujung kaki smp kepala always look stunning ๐Ÿ˜‰ and smart.
Dan selalu care sama orang ga pernah pilih2 mana yg baik or nyebelin (ga ada org yg nyebelin kali ya dikamus Nona Marina๐Ÿ˜˜) semua sama.
Will miss to go event together with you

Chichi Nugroho

The Woman With Golden Heart

She is a woman who cares and always prioritizes closeness with every employee.
I am proud to work together with her, all the events in Samanera Ubud are always made to the maximum and it is a privilege to be her staff.

Yantu Higma

Smart faboulus n inspiring business woman

Someday i met someone wore a good stylist shoes n i asked where did u buy? She said a friend of her make this shoes n straight away i asked her to measure my feet m order with own fav color. It was not sure comfy enough or not but once arrived i tried n what a best ever style n very comfy shoes since i moved in bali with cheap price. I was really happy n all my colleague tried my shoes n said its good material stylist n comfy.now i’m waiting for the next shoes that i order.stay tune guys. Very profesional staff also.thanks marina.

Natalia kurniawati

Workout clothes that set you free

I have been buying dance, workout, exercise, and aerial clothes for many years from the best manufacturers around.
Having recently experienced workout clothes made by Marina, I am blown away by them.
They are classy, beautifully designed, naturally crafted from Bamboo, and incredibly supportive.
And – they are cool, (both meanings), to wear.
I will never buy another brand again.

Barbara Hames

my always “let’s do it bae” typicall friend

first thing i would like to say thank you have a chance to know you, girl who has big kind warmt heart, always happy to talk with her, selalu positive minded dan apapun yang di obrolin sama Marina there is always become opportunity become this and that.

I miss you bae, so lucky get to know you

lely putri

Sexy Brain

Marina has a sexy brain, her intelligence is very attractive. One thing about Marina, she never left God and her faithful. One special about Marina, she always positive thinking, positive feeling and confident for everything. Hard worker and out going person, nice, sporty, fashionable and active listening. She has a good taste, good communication and good personality.

Yan Djuna


Marina inspires me to keep healthy she always has bright and energetic approach to her lifestyle always smiling and laughing keeping spirits high for all that is around her, her positivity is infectious making me feel there is nothing I can not do never be afraid to be independent.

Rizky Yustifasari

Good heart

Ms. Marina. She has positive attitude, good heart, always spread happiness to people around her. No matter what, do good to others. She is hard worker, tough woman, believe in success. She is strong inside and outside, full of energy๐Ÿ˜€
She handle work and everything in professional way.
Sukses terus, Miss. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Lina Naibaho

good woman

so beautiful

ruddy jaya

Smart, hard-working and positive-vibes lady

I knew Marina since we were at university. Marina is a hard-working and strong-willed lady with a kind and humble heart. She knows what she wants and not afraid to pursue it! She started her business with determination and consistency, and always explore new opportunities! She is reliable and also pays attention to details!

Marina also sets an example of being happy is with yourself and happiness is inside you. Her smile and laugh are contagious as well as her positivity vibes!



Her smile open the heart and make you comfortable to talk and share.
She is a very reliable and professional woman. Well done Marina

Massimo Sacco

Lady Rose

She like a Rose, beautiful, fragrance, but also prickly. She has so many weapons in her brain. She cares each other and I just very grateful to be her team.
Keep strong event it isn’t look easy.


Beautiful, kind and hamble

  1. When i first meet her, she so lovely, and have very good style as a woman. She is the person who realy kind and so humble. We work together before, and i think she have good work as a team and best friend too.
    And one think.. Marina always share about positive aura and thingking about everything.
    So proud to know you.
Maria Francine daGomez

My friend

She is My friend, she is strong women, she still beautiful women because she always care about her healthy, but she always care too others

Fernando Yoseph Latubessy

Positive, optimist and great friend

She is really amazing person, who constantly shine and always ready to help others, to give motivation and confidence. With her you can learn a lot of things and finally you realize that, she has unique personality, lovely smile and kind heart.


Charming girl who has a wonderful heart!

I met Marina at The center, English club in Bandung around 8 years ago. few years later I saw her on Instagram in Bali and knew that she lives in Bali. And now, I live in Bali too. She inspire me to live in Bali. Marina is light, in the midst of darkness ๐Ÿ™‚ she is gorgeous and has a bright future because of her inspirational way of sharing her message so vividly and powerful.

Atep M

Strong Women

she is strong women,always positive thinking. If you near her you can get positive aura.
And more motivation you can get about life style,fashion, carrier , business and many more. She can be a good friend and really friend,not fake.

ayu indah


All bout her is perfect!!
She is really inspires me bout anything in this life.For example:
Lifestyle,healthy food,how to build self confident,braveness ,always positive thinking,..never give up and believe that nothing imposible in this world.Don’t be afraid to try something new and….
Be happy no matter what !

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