January 29, 2021

The Launch of Adalya Indonesia

In 2020, I reached an incredible milestone in my career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur – the wonderful opportunity to collaborate and work with a global, world-renowned tobacco brand, Adalya Tobacco. I became the brand’s social media and marketing partner for all of Indonesia and began to embark on an exciting nationwide campaign to introduce the brand to our target audiences in Bali, Jakarta and Bogor.

A global market leader in tobacco, Adalya Tobacco, now locally known as Adalya Indonesia, is the creator of one of the world’s best and most premium Turkish tobacco for shisha. Serious shisha smokers would tell you that the difference between Adalya and any other tobacco brands lies in its unique blend which will produce a very distinct flavour, aroma, taste and texture that only the discerning would know and love. This is important especially for those who understand their tobacco and their shisha or hookah well.
We officially launched Adalya Indonesia in August 2020. As part of our outreach, we established the brand’s position as a premium global provider of tobacco products, launched the brand with a social media and online marketing campaign, media outreach, business collaboration and partnerships, marketing events as well as influencer engagement.
We also held two roadshows in Bali, followed by Jakarta and Bogor, which took place in 2 cities over 3 days. It was intense, exciting, challenging, and best of all, fulfilling. I enjoyed working side by side with the Adalya Indonesia’s Jakarta and Bogor team, meeting with and getting to know our customer base, and the chance to visit the Adalya Indonesia factory, which is truly an impressive, innovative world-class facility.

@adalyaindonesia is now visible across all major digital platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook as well as the Adalya Indonesia website with details on all of its products, blog posts and e-commerce. If you’re a fan of shisha or are looking for some delicious and premium tobacco flavours, go ahead and visit www.adalyaindonesia.com today.

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