July 19, 2020

The Return Of The Belt Bag


The hottest fashion trend in accessories this year has caught all of us by surprise – the Belt Bag was originally known as the Fanny Pack and first made an appearance in pop culture in the 80’s and the 90’s. The trend died down until any mention of a fanny pack only conjured up images of a rumpled, badly-styled person shuffling about in socks and slippers and donning a fanny pack for the sake of convenience. It was something that was completely out of fashion’s radar that no one remotely chic would even dream about wearing one.

But today, the fanny pack has received a facelift – and is now known as the Waist Belt or the Belt Bag. It has returned; bolder, better and cuter than ever thanks to the likes of Gucci, Channel, Prada, Fenty, YSL and all the high-end brands, the belt bag is now the hottest must-have! Just take a look at celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Kendal Jenner, Rihanna, Serena Williams and even Jimmy Kimmel. Today, the belt bag is an essential accessory in street fashion, which means, it has become an everyday look for the everyday woman/man.

The modern Belt Bag comes in all shapes and sizes – it is sleek, fashionable and cute and it will perk up any outfit. In addition to looking good, the belt bag was designed to combine function and style, which means you’ll have all of your essential items with you while looking fashionably amazing. The best part about a belt bag? You’ll have your hands and shoulders free! It’s all about minimalism, practicality and a sense of freedom.

Today’s Belt Bag goes with almost everything. Gone are the garish polyester days of the fanny pack; now you can get a cute little belt bag in whatever shade and material that you can imagine – whether in multicoloured leather, with playful little studs, with different sized straps and rings and a variety of prints. Here at Van Mayer, we have our very own collection of Belt Bag and our founder, Marina Mouaren, owns a few which she designed herself and loves to wear on an almost daily basis!

Can you see yourself donning a gorgeously sleek, outfit-popping, trendy and eye-catching Belt Bag? Check out our collection on our Instagram account and if you would like to have one custom-made for you with your preferred material, colour and add-ons like studs, chains or tassels, just let us know! Simply contact us at marina@vanmayer.com to get started.

Meanwhile, do let us know what your thoughts are about the Belt Bag in the comments below!

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