March 23, 2018

Travels and Thoughts – Labuan Bajo

I recently visited Labuan Bajo, which is the gateway to the famed Komodo National Park, on Flores Island, Indonesia.

Prior to my trip, I had no inkling of what to expect. From what I gathered on the internet, I know that the Komodo National Park is home to the famed Komodo Dragons, the Pink Beach, sites to the world’s best diving and snorkelling and of course, beautiful people with ancient cultures, traditions and villages. From reviews, I saw that many travellers are in love with the island’s breathtaking vistas and incredible history.

My trip to Labuan Bajo wasn’t purely for leisure, no. It was a work trip for Plaga Wine as we were launching the availability of our products at Mediteraneo Restaurant and a few other venues. And just like many other work trips I had with the company, I also took the opportunity to explore and discover.

Travelling reminds us all the time to look beyond ourselves and teaches us more and more of the world that we live in. Upon our arrival at the Komodo International Airport, I was a little bit sceptical as the venue was a little small and the town was so busy. It was also unbelievably hot! What really bothered me though was the fact that rubbish was being openly thrown into the ocean. Seeing this made me wonder if there was anything we can do, as visitors, to highlight this problem and find solutions to making it all better.

The people of Flores and Labuan Bajo were warm, friendly and welcoming. I loved meeting with and getting to know them better. Labuan Bajo had plenty of great restaurants to try including Made In Italy La Cecile Restaurant and Le Pirate Restaurant. Flores’s outstanding beauty was even more visible once we entered the Komodo National Park, which is made up of hundreds of little islands accessible by boat.

We visited the main ones; Komodo Island, Padar Island and Rinca Island and enjoyed some of the most spectacular views, interactions with nature and I got to meet the world-famous Komodo Dragons! I took some pictures to share with you, so let me know what you think!

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