September 4, 2019

Work & Play

Hi guys!

Today I want to talk a little bit about my professional life. There have been some questions about what I do in terms of work and I thought a blog post is a great way to answer all of your questions.

So some of you may already know this – I work at Plaga Wine as a Marketing Manager and I have done so for 5 wonderful years. Plaga Wine is a local company with an international vision. The company sells wine produced here in Bali using imported grapes from Chile, Italy and Spain. I love working here because of the unique and flexible work culture which lets me utilize my creativity and my innovative abilities to the fullest. I also love that I face new challenges everyday that lets me push and grow myself and all of my professional abilities to newer heights each and every time. I enjoy thinking on my feet, strategizing and being creative when it comes to problem solving and customer outreach, which I get to do here at Plaga Wine.

I guess the most important thing about feeling happy at your job is that you actually love what you do. If you know me personally, you know that I love to meet and interact with people, I love new ideas and I love to execute events. These are just part of who I am! So at Plaga Wine, I do all of these things and so much more. Of course, there are mundane (but necessary) things like reports and administrative matters but that exists in all companies everywhere in the world, which I feel is actually important to maintain structure and order.

So in one year alone, my team and I organize over 1000 marketing campaigns, big and small. These include PR outreach, organizing launch events, executing gimmicks to create awareness, arrange pop-ups and markets to reach new customers, participating in festivals and similar… well, you get the idea. I also handle all media relations and queries, prepare and give presentations and create proposals. I also visit almost all the restaurants, hotels, villas and other tourism related establishments in Bali to foster and maintain relationships and see if anyone wants our wine!
On paper I guess it looks like a walk in the park, but I guess it also depends on what type of individual you are, and what you like to do. A friend of mine, who is a writer and an extreme introvert, said that she won’t last a day in my shoes ha-ha.

Jokes aside, although my work is fun and exciting, it is hard work and I take my job very seriously. As part of the Plaga Wine family, I feel like it is my duty to see the company grow and perform at its best and this is what I strive to do every single day.

The second most important thing about feeling happy at your job is that you feel appreciated. I feel appreciated, respected and nurtured here at Plaga Wine – it is an environment that lets me bloom and thrive.

What about you? What do you do at work and do you enjoy it?

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